Thursday, April 25, 2013

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

With my former roommate Paul in 1993, the last time I saw the AIDS Quilt

Was the March on Washington really 20 years ago today? While in many ways it seems like yesterday -- give or take a pair of pleated shorts with a belt -- the progress we've seen in those two decades is rather astounding, and more than I would have expected as a 25-year-old who had just moved back to the nation's capital after sowing some wild oats in West Hollywood after college. What's interesting is that 1992 was a year filled with enormous hope as the first presidential candidate ever acknowledged -- even courted -- our vote. But during the march in 1993, we didn't even realize it was all going to backfire, as "don't ask, don't tell" would have hideous (unintended?) consequences, and the desire for re-election would lead to the Defense of Marriage Act betrayal, something we are just now righting. I'd love to know if the 82-year-old man in the second photo is alive today. My memories from the 1993 March are HERE.

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Dan of DC said...

OMG. I have the identical pic from 1987 march with my late best friend/roommate, including pleated shorts and all. You would be startled.

Was living large on the hill, in love with the man of my dreams, and loving life. Ahh, for the memories....