Monday, April 15, 2013

Waxing Brazilian

These photos came in an e-mail written in Portuguese, with a shaky English translation that reads:
Initiated publicist Gio Paollo, several models and artists began a campaign against homophobia, titled "I'm straight and homophobia," and this time is Lucas Barreto (model) that is wearing this question. The model that has been accused of being biased was keen to participate in the campaign "never had any prejudice to anything and never would prejudice gays, have many friends, my biggest audience is gls if ever passed the idea of prejudice for being more harsh with someone, was the lack of education and common sense and not by sexual orientation bias under." Luke says the campaign aims to ask for stricter punishments for crimes related to prejudice against homosexuals. The mobilization is yielding highlight! The campaign will feature several personalities and had initiative after having a friend Gio Paollo beaten (by the simple fact that they are holding hands with a partner in a square of São Paulo - Brazil). Discrimination is a crime, "so that justice is" - said the campaign creator

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