Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Valerie Harper Has Terminal Brain Cancer

 Just heartbroken to wake up to the news that Valerie Harper has terminal brain cancer. The minute I read in her memoir that she was a "lung cancer survivor," I was immediately nervous. (Is there really such a thing?) A friend and I were just talking about how surprising it was that all but one of the original "Mary Tyler Moore" cast members were still alive. (Ted Knight died in 1986 at 62.) But that Rhoda -- whose costars include Betty White (b. 1922), Cloris Leachman (b. 1926) and Ed Asner (b. 1929) -- would be likely to pass next seems unfathomable. Such a sweet woman who has brought me countless hours of joy. You will be missed, Valerie. You will be missed but will live on forever as the ultimate best friend to Mare and all of us.

At the 2007 Tony Awards


Normlr said...

Was so saddened to read this. Going through a similar battle at home.

But then the "You might also like" recommended a Weekend Wood and I cheered up. Should be at the bottom of all sad posts! ;)

iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

So sad :(

Anonymous said...

Very sad news I grew up watching her- and Rodha's hot husband was one of my first gay tv crushes.

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