Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I (Heart) Rhoda

I think it's safe to say what I'll be reading come Jan. 15! Talk about versatile: Love that Valerie Harper played Mary Richards' older (if not chronologically, experience-wise) Jewish neighbor, despite the fact that she is younger and gentile! Press release says she was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple years ago, a disease I did not realize you could ever "survive." (Now she, Bryant Gumbel and Penny Marshall have persevered after this killer, who knew?) You all know "The Mary Tyler Moore" show is my all-time fave, but "Rhoda" brought my mom and my brothers a lot of joy back when we were kids in Detroit! Pre-order HERE.


irisgirl said...

Sorry for being so nit-picky here, but Rhoda was one year younger than Mary. I think it was a quiz question in my "TV Sitcom" class at U of Iowa. Mom and Dad's tuition dollars were not wasted (although I usually was!)


Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Is that right? I know Rhoda was born in 1941, so maybe I could have figured it out given Mary's age when she arrived in town. Did she just call her "kid" because Mary seemed so naive?

Lenny from Denver said...

Hi Ken... I love your blog... read it every day.. I was born in Jersey city practically lived in NYC now in Denver.. miss the city but you bring me bits and pieces to keep me happy. I was IN LOVE WITH RHODA growing up. She was spunky, funny, cute, lovable and if I wasn't gay I probably would have pursued her. I am looking forward to reading her bio. BTW.. I hated Joe. Glad that marriage never lasted.
Keep up the good work Ken.
Lenny from Denver

irisgirl said...

I believe Mary was 30 when the show started in 1970, so born in 1940. I totally agree with your take on why Rhoda called her "kid".

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