Thursday, January 17, 2013

Debbie Harry: Queen of Punk. Photographs by Brian Aris

1981 (sigh)

My apologies to those who think I write about Debbie Harry too much, but I am just blow away by some of the images that have surfaced from photographer Brian Aris' new exhibition about the Blondie goddess opening today at Proud Chelsea in London. Aris has been shooting Debbie since 1977, but it's the post-"Autoamerican" '80s period that I find most fascinating, when Debbie was seemingly on top of the world, yet everything was about to unravel.  Her failed late '80s "comeback" era is there too, and it's only now that I've come to realize the chances of a woman in her 40s hitting the pop charts again was highly unlikely, even if you're Deborah Ann Harry!

Wigging Out: Three shots from the Scilly Isles shoot of the video “Island of Lost Souls” (1982).

Rush Rush: Backyard NYC (1983)

Debbie and her Warhol (1988)


greg said...

I'm ashamed you felt the need to apologize for posting Debbie Harry images. I don't think I've seen any of these before....they're beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

These are great photos of Debbie! I love them. You could not write enought about her!

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