Thursday, December 27, 2012

That's Good!

 OK, so I'm nine episodes into "Square Pegs" and I'd say it holds up quite well, missing music or not. Just watched Muffy Tepperman's hilarious New Wave bat mitzvah -- she got Devo to play! -- and in my noodle-kugel state of mind couldn't help wondering who I'd have had perform at mine, if I'd have been one of the chosen ones. Since I turned 13 in 1980, Blondie is the obvious choice. But since they were probably too busy, I'm thinking Blue Angel, the Buggles, X, OMD or the (just-about-to-make-it-big) Pretenders would be my best bets. When and who for you?!


greg said...

I used to have a subscription to Dynamite Magazine. So cliché, but it REALLY does seem like yesterday.

As far as the performer in was all about Barbra at that point. In fact, I had a teacher who loved her too, so I would bring my albums to school so she could take them home and listen to them. Is that gay enough for you?

32 years later...I just received the book Hello Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand for Christmas, and I'm going to see The Guilt Trip for a second time with a friend tonight. :-)

bcarter3 said...

And my thoughts turn to Merritt Butrick, who was wonderful as Johnny Slash ("Totally different head, man"). Dead at 30, another victim of that hideous plague.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the only correct answer is Spandau Ballet. said...

Since Blondie is busy, and you're snagging Pretenders, I'll ask for The Undertones or XTC. If the transatlantic flight is too expensive for them, I'll take The Ramones, for the win!

LHH said...

My Bar Mitzvah was in 1983. I totally wanted either Squeeze or The Human League. Instead I had one of the cheesiest Bar Mitzvah bands ever, The Golden Tones. (They played a rousing version of "Celebration" during the candle lighting ceremony.)

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