Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Catfish' Sticks

I have to say, "Catfish: The TV Show" is the most addictive thing on the boob tube today, a veritable train wreck you can't turn away from, as people having online love affairs finally meet in person. Host Nev Schulman -- who gained notoriety when his own Internet romance was documented in the riveting 2010 film "Catfish" -- is irresistible, a winning combination of boy-next-door, hipster hottie and understanding big brother. But it's the stories that will stay with you, as people put themselves in the most vulnerable position imaginable right before our eyes. While most of the secrets are easy to guess -- people lie about who they are and use fake pictures because they're overweight or not very attractive -- some plot twists make "Inception" look straight forward. Here's hoping MTV keeps this one around for a while. Anyone else addicted?


Anonymous said...

Who is that in the picture with Nev? I can't propose to him if I don't know his name! God is he gorgeous!

Alan S. said...

I'm surprised at you Kenneth. You sound like you are taken in by the premise of this show.

Just like the fake documentary that started it, the TV program is about as staged as "The Hills."

Of course it's just my opinion - nobody has fessed up to it...yet. The stories may or may not be true, but there is obviously acting going on, and many of the reactions don't come across as genuinely spontaneous. And since I believe these people are prepared to act out their scenario, it also makes me doubt the sincerity of the stories they tell in order to get on TV.

Nothing wrong with enjoying the program for entertainment though. I realize it's the kind of situation where they can't acknowledge they are faking a show that is presented as real life because that would mean they don't have a show. But in general I don't like when audiences are being duped.

Too cynical? Possibly.