Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'll Take Myopia for a Thousand, Alex or, Plain Stupid

Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist Phillip Morris of The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer doesn't quite seem to understand why Rachel Maddow can call herself a "big lesbian who looks like a man," but when a Fox TV anchor in Cincinnati makes a similar remark, all hell breaks loose.
Anyone who pays attentions to the "Rachel Maddow Show" knows the hostess does looks like a man. Just as anyone who pays attention knows that there are times when, given the right topic, Maddow can work herself into one of her ideological frenzies where she resembles an angry young man. So how exactly is [anchor Tricia] Macke's juvenile comment magnified into something as serious as homophobic bullying? 
If only there were a parallel situation that a black man such as himself could apply to this scenario so he could better understand the delicate nature of such things. Oh, well. Guess there's not.

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glennethph said...

I liked this a lot. The last part was great.

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