Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fondle Me Elmo (UPDATED)

BuzzFeed examines "The Tragedy of Elmo the Puppeteer" (for the record, I was always a Grover man):
Longtime Elmo portrayer Kevin Clash is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy. His defenders are few, and the scandal highlights the tricky line that the closeted famous walk. 
The article acknowledges that the Sesame Workshop described its investigation into the allegations as “thorough,” and that they found the underage accusation “unsubstantiated.” With that in mind, I think this graf is the most important in the piece:
I asked Dan Bucatinsky, an actor, producer, screenwriter, and the author of Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?, a memoir about being a gay father, what he thinks about the Clash/Elmo conflagration. His response: “As a dad, I think teenagers should discover their sexualities and experiment with relationships with peers rather than grown adults who are inherently in positions of power and influence.” But, Bucatinsky wrote in an email, “If it's true they were two consenting adults, it's really nobody's business. So is this really about ‘Is it okay for someone who works on Sesame Street to be gay?’ The answer is yes.” 
Read HERE.

BREAKING: Young man who claimed he had underage sex with Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has recanted, according to his lawyer. It's over. Read HERE.

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irisgirl said...

Sounds like a disruntled ex looking for attention and/or money, and the result will be the end of Mr. Elmo's career. That's just crappy. Shame on whoever started this publicity.

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