Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Who Is Barbra Streisand?

Did anyone happen to see yesterday's Final Jeopardy round? The answer was something like "No. 1 selling female artist to have a top album in every decade from 1960-2000s." I guessed it right -- Who is Barbra Streisand? -- then two of the contestants said Diana Ross (as if!) and the final contestant (who went to win) also said Barbra. As I was thinking about what an incredible accomplishment having a No. 1 album in five straight decades -- and she is likely to have another one in the 2010s -- it made me wonder if it would ever be duplicated. (Cher famously had No. 1 singles in four straight decades but then missed the 2000s.) Madonna was the obvious album successor, but when I looked it up, it seems she's already had a decade without a No. 1 -- and I'll bet it's not the decade you're thinking.

UPDATE: Here is the video for Babs' "I Think It's Going to Rain Today": from her upcoming (and likely to be No. 1) LP "Release Me:"

Barbra Streisand "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today" from Columbia Records on Vimeo.


Kevin said...

Correction: Cher has had a #1 hit song in the last SIX decades (three in the 2000s). http://top40.about.com/b/2011/01/19/cher-has-1-hits-in-each-of-the-last-six-decades.htm

Kenneth Walsh said...

@Kevin: True, but I"m talking about the Billboard 100, not the dance charts.

Peter Maria said...

I got the answer right in front of my parents, and even called Barbra Joan Streisand loudly once the answer was given. Chaos bless them, they still won't acknowledge my gayness.

J,Me said...

Madonna went throughout the 90s without a #1 album.

Matthew Rettenmund said...

Fucking TITANIC.

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