Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Blair Warner Project

Blair was always my favorite on "The Facts of Life" -- you had to love someone who was ashamed of their cousin for having Cerebral Palsy -- but I don't think her being on the next season of "Survivor" will be enough for me to watch the show for the first time. (How do people sit through shows like that, and "Big Brother"?) Even Martina and Monica couldn't get me to watch "Dancing With the Stars," and they didn't become church farts. Read HERE.

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James Greenlee said...

"Big Brother" is pointless, but is useful as noise when blogging in the summer months. There is always at least one impossibly hot contestant, and a few decent looking ones. They're usually running around in little more than shorts. So, it's just the eye candy factor. And it at least has a premise, unlike the "Real Housewives," which is UTTERLY pointless.

"Survivor" is different. It's an actual game show, drug out over 39 days. I got bored with it after the first 8 or 9 season (I think they're up to 20?). The eye candy rule applies here too, to the point that they're often blurring out bulges and ass cracks. The enjoyability of the show is 100% dependent upon a likable cast. If there's only 1 or 2 hottie dudes, and they're voted out early, I bail on the rest of the season!