Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Quite Down Low

The first season of the gay drama series "In Between Men" comes to iTunes this week. The press material says the show "follows the lives of friends in New York City living 'in between' a gay world whose clich├ęs they don’t relate to and a straight world they don’t belong." Anyone see it the first time around? I'm still playing catch-up on season 5 of "Mad Men," but am curious if this is worth exploring. Visit the show on Facebook HERE or download episodes on iTunes HERE.


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Anonymous said...

I wish that I liked this series more. I found the dialogue to be largely flat and the characters underdeveloped. As far as the overall premise is concerned, it strikes me that the self-proclaimed straight-acting gay men doth protest too much. As reasonably well-adjusted, attractive young professionals, the characters in this series epitomize a somewhat stereotype-driven view of the gay world rather than portray men who cannot find their place within it.