Saturday, June 16, 2012

'SHUT the F ... ront Door!' Sue Simmons Signs Off After 30 Years

If you missed the final minutes of NBC anchorwoman Sue Simmons' final show, you've gotta watch it now. She was clearly "let go," as they say in the business -- the whole thing was made all the more awkward by a commercial for NBC/Universal job opportunities that preceded her sign-off -- but she handled it with dignity, grace and her trademark sense of humor. She's 69 -- a time when most people who could afford to would love to be able to retire -- yet she was talking about getting a new job till the very end. A true New York character, she will be missed. The real question isn't why they decided to can her now, though. The real question is how did she last 30 years to begin with?!!!


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ed said...

I grew up with Sue and remember her all the way back to 1980. Many happy memories.