Monday, June 04, 2012

Knoxville Mayor to Show Her Support for Pride

Mayor Madeline Rogero has announced that she will attend Knoxville's PrideFest later this month, making her the city's first leader to show support for the annual LGBT event. Rogero is slated to partake in the parade and speak at the event, which could pose a challenge of sorts for the first-term Democrat. Though I don't think saying "gay" is illegal in the state of Tennessee just yet, it's my understanding that Stacey Campfield will be on hand with a roll of duct tape -- assuming he doesn't get too carried away at the Carousel the night before. Kudos, Mrs. Mayor -- and be careful!

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Dwight Again said...

I grew up in Kentucky 75 miles north of Knoxville. It is a city that has hosted a worlds fair, decent airport nice shopping etc. Cant believe there is this much hate in one state. I am sure Kentucky is the same . Thanks for bringing this wonderful woman to my attention. May God protect her and hold her in the palm of his hand as she tries to change the world, at least to the 21st century.