Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whitney's Mom Shopping Around Book

Media Decoder is reporting that Cissy Houston, the gospel singer and mother of Whitney Houston, has been meeting with publishers in New York this week to shop a book about her late daughter. (A ghostwriter will be used.) Although I'm a bit surprised -- I'd always thought of her as being intensely private -- I could see why she would want to tell her story. That said, the rumor is she doesn't seem too willing to discuss the nitty gritty, and I certainly won't be buying it unless she addresses this tidbit from a previous Whitney Houston biography:

Then Cissy Houston slugged Robyn Crawford in her right jaw with her fists and Robyn falls to the ground. Cissy Houston kept punching and kicking her, yelling: “I’ll kill you, you stupid b**ch!” Onlookers had to pull Cissy Houston off Robyn Crawford.

Spill it, gurl! While I have my doubts that Cissy would ever come clean about her daughter's sexuality, a friend in publishing tells me that Whitney's less loyal (more honest?) father was shopping around a tell-all right before he died, in which he claimed Whitney's life was ruined by her having to live in the closet, a sentiment echoed by others in the know.

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