Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apple's Tim Cook Leads OUT's Power List

OUT magazine's Power List has just been released. The rubric calls it the Power 50, although there are 65 names on it. No major surprises -- although Rich Ross has recently stepped down, and what power does Shepard Smith have, exactly? -- but no John Perez?

Top 10 here. To see 'em all, click HERE.

1. Tim Cook
CEO, Apple, 51

2. Ellen Degeneres
Spokesperson/Talk-Show Host/Producer, 54

3. Peter Thiel
Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager, 44

4. Ryan Murphy
Writer/Director/Producer, 46

5. Rachel Maddow
TV Host/Political Commentator, 39

6. Anderson Cooper
Journalist/News Anchor/Talk-Show Host, 44

7. Rich Ross
Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, 49

8. Barry Diller
Chairman, IAC, 70

9. Shepard Smith
News Anchor, 48

10. Andy Cohen
TV Personality/Impresario, 44


Larry said...

I find it ironic that a magazine called OUT would have on its top 10 power list one person who is unequivocally not out--Shepard Smith--and don't get me started on the whole Anderson Cooper thing.

Nick said...

Calling Andy Cohen a Personality is like calling Stevie Wonder a Visionary