Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Traveling to 1995

I've barely ever heard of "Torchwood" -- apparently John Barrowman plays the time-traveling leader of a secret organization that saves the world from aliens -- but I'm a fan from the "Central Park West" days day and still think he's about as cute as they come. (Does he know how to stop time in real life -- that picture is current!) Read about his real-life traveling experiences HERE. (Hint: He's a scaredy cat!)


yagtaluda said...

You've been missing out, Kenneth. John's makeout scene with James Marsters on Torchwood? Epic.

jnxwil said...

Torchwood is a spin-off of Dr. Who. It is less "family-friendly" than Dr. Who. That means that people actually make out sometimes. Unfortunately the latest season is on a channel to which I do not subscribe.

"Captain Jack" is a hero who cannot die. This is because he was at a fixed point in time on a Dr. Who episode (or something or other).

Anyway, science fiction does not usually include gay characters. In fact, most science fiction is essentially sexless. Too bad.

Joel Williams

streetfan14 said...

One of my first crushes as a teenager...Torchwood is a great show the American version is showing more sex than the British version...here are a couple links for you to either download or stream them

Torchwood Seasons 1 & 2, Children of Earth

Torchwood: Micarle Day (season 4)

MyDogBen said...

I miss Torchwood so much. Ianto... Sigh.