Tuesday, August 30, 2011

David Wright's Locker Room Peep Show

With thanks to Tommy: Well, it only lasted a second. But we got a second look at Mets third-baseman David Wright shirtless during this locker room interview with Angel Pagan. (The first time is HERE.) It happens at the 1:05 mark and is like the moment at the Westside Club you always dreamed would happen.

More screen grabs HERE.


Tommy C said...

Why couldn't that damn towel have fallen! He's so delicious. Pagan would have been the man if he ripped it off of David!

Brian said...

yeah... don't give a shit about the dude in the orange towel. But who's the hot piece being interviewed?

David said...

I liked the way the towel was barely hanging on to David's hips. One pull and it would've been one heck of a "wardrobe malfunction."

Anonymous said...

David is the sexiest player in the majors. Wish he would release some good Shirtless pics but until then this will have to to.

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