Thursday, May 05, 2011

Reviewing Kylie's 'Aphrodite' Revue

Received a surprise invite to Kylie Minogue's third show at Hammerstein Ballroom last night -- more about the jackass security team there in a minute -- so dragged my aching ass out to see what she's got. On the road promoting her fun "Aphrodite" album, the Aussie princess was in tip-top Greek goddess form, exuding all the necessary elements of love, beauty and sexuality.

Having seen her on her first-ever North American tour in 2009 -- along with my not feeling great -- my excitement was considerably more muted than last time, but after changing spots a few times to get away from the requisite annoying neighbors (and apparently wherever we stand BECOMES the aisle way), Michael and I did end up having a fun night.

The show was billed a music concert, but what it really was was a Vegas revue, with crazy sets and naked boys dangling from the ceiling ("angels") plus countless costume changes. But despite all the distractions, Kylie certainly didn't scrimp on music -- something so many artists seem to do these days -- performing some 24 songs, including a rapturous cover of Eurythmics' "There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)" (in response to her "Looking for an Angel") plus Prefab Sprout's "If You Don't Love Me." (Girl has also covered Saint Etienne -- it's like she flips through my CD collection before taking the stage!)

She again skipped "I Should Be So Lucky" -- aka the song that put her on the U.S. map and the song the only single of hers I ever bought -- and even passed on "Locomotion" (she apparently had done it the other nights, but opted for an "impromptu" version of "Your Disco Needs You," which certainly didn't have many people complaining). That said, while I loved hearing "In My Arms," "Love at First Sight" and "All the Lovers" (the show's closer), I'd have to say my favorite song of the night was definitely the "oldie" "Better the Devil You Know." We bumped into Ben Widdicombe as we were leaving and he seemed underwhelmed, saying he was "old," so preferred vintage Kylie. I concurred. All in all, though, a fun night. A big thank-you to Ryan for inviting us!

The basic set list, except for the "Disco" swapout, is HERE.

As for the Hammerstein Ballroom security staff, I have to say these TSA wannabees are the worst hacks I have ever encountered. (Last time they made me "check" my camera, as 2,499 other people took photos and videos all night.) After inexplicably making the Will Call people wait in a separate line outside while ticket holders walked right in, they then proceeded to yell at us every 10 minutes for "blocking" the handicapped ramp -- the very handicapped ramp that THEY made us stand on to wait in line for no reason. (I had no problem getting out of the way for people with disabilities, my problem was WHY they put us in people with disabilities' way in the first place.) We repeatedly had to all get off the ramp, and then all get back on it. What was even more ridiculous was that on this rainy New York night they randomly decided there was a strict "No Umbrellas" policy in place, so everyone had to leave their umbrellas on the sidewalk. (Huh?) I didn't even have one with me, but I was completely disgusted -- it's all about control with these fools -- and honestly will avoid the place at all costs unless I absolutely MUST see an artist performing there. Complete idiots.


Resident said...

Kylie does do an amazing show. She sang I Should Be So Lucky tuesday night instead of Your Disco Needs You. It depends on her "requests".

I hate going to any venue that's general admission. I don't understand why people think if they need to go to get a drink in the middle of the concert that they can return to their original location. Idiots.

Late said...

...apparently wherever we stand BECOMES the aisle way

As my sister once bitched to me in a club, "Is the word 'aisle' tattooed on my forehead?"