Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Box: Velveteen

A Facebook friend from Long Island stumped me with this one, a Kenny-riffic '80s duo called Velveteen. It still amazes me how many bands from that era I completely missed, but with my brother Bill, and best pals Mark and Greg helping me scout out every New Wave band with a female lead singer, it was especially shocking that this one wasn't even a blip on my radar, unlike, say, the Comateens, who I knew about but never pursued. (Made me feel better that even my pal John from Lost in the '80s had never heard of them, although he quickly homed in on the special thanks to Kim Fowley -- yikes!) Apparently Velveteen came to my FB friend's attention via WLIR, a concept (radio) that has virtually escaped me my entire life.

If anyone knows more about this fun twosome -- made up of singer Lisa Burns and bassist Sal Maida -- I'd would love to hear details. They seem like they would have been perfect for some rotation on MTV -- they had a great look and sound and were even on Atlantic Records -- yet I see no videos anywhere. Have a listen below and if you like, Systems of Romance blog has the group's 1983 EP, "After Hours," available to download -- a vinyl transfer, no doubt -- HERE.

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