Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bradley Cooper and Kathy Griffin Celebrate American Heroes

Bradley Cooper, Kathy Griffin, Henry Rollins, Steelers coach Bill Cowher, Norman Lear and Rep. Patrick Murphy -- the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress -- were among the boldfaced names on hand for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America's third annual Heroes Celebration at the Twentieth Century Fox Studio Lot yesterday in in Los Angeles. Cooper -- who appears to be sweatin' my new look -- and veteran Jake Wood (above) made a particularly dashing pair. Which one is the A-list Hollywood star??? Always nice to see our veterans getting some special recognition, even if Hollywood elites have to do most of the heavy lifting. (Republicans are too busy calling them out for not supporting the troops, you know.)

IAVA Board Chairman Ed Vick, Kathy Griffin, and Rep. Patrick Murphy

David Mendez and Henry Rollins

Would kill to be a fly on the wall for this chat. You just know Kath was grilling Norman about Maude's abortion all sorts of other shit!

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