Thursday, February 03, 2011

CliffsNotes: 'Confessions of a Gay Anchorman' by Charles Perez

Wanna suck every last drop of venom out of Charles Perez's self-published tell-all, "Confessions of a Gay Anchorman," but just can't find enough hours in the day? Well, here's everything you need to know so far about the book that's billed on as "a call for others -- like Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith -- to come out of the closet!," courtesy of KIT212 reader Christopher!

He writes:

I'm reading it now and it is JUICY. He is slamming EVERYONE. I didn't know that David Muir was gay too. I love the news! He also says that Thomas Roberts -- aka the Vanessa Williams of TV news -- will never get beyond an afternoon broadcast and that his gig at MSNBC is not stable. Obviously he hasn't seen his cock.

Here's what else:

Charles Perez at an AB 101-veto protest rally in West Hollywood circa 1991

  • Charles is pissed at EVERYONE! He's mad at MTV and Norman from "The Real World" for "lying" to America about their "relationship." He claims they "never had a relationship" because "he wasn't into him." He says MTV scripted the entire thing and that shots of Norman and him on the swing, was NOT him but another actor!!

  • Also, he worked for Montel Williams, who he claims was a homophobe and refused to pose in a picture next to him at the Christmas Party!!!

  • He claims that he helped to create "The Ricki Lake Show" and had a small percentage ownership of it. However, he says RICKI swindled him out of the deal and he was left with NOTHING. While doing his own fabulous talk show, he was terrified that he would be outed. Michael Musto had a column that was entitled "Fuck You Charles Perez." This made Charles very nervous and he began DRINKING A LOT! One time, LGBT activists were at a taping and when he was announced they started yelling "we know you're gay, we know you're gay." They also had a HUGE banner that said "YOU ARE GAY CHARLES PEREZ" at the back of the studio. He drank MORE!
  • Then Perez claims that Geraldo Rivera, who was also at Tribune, HATED gays and he believes Geraldo got Tribune to cancel his show even though it had "high ratings." He also complained that Joan Rivers let her dog Spike piss in the dressing room (that he inherited after her show was canceled).

  • Oh, and he says that he and David Geffen did coke and Ecstasy and fucked one night. He says he turned down an offer to do a show with Lorna Luft because "all she kept talking about was her mother."
  • He decided to do "hard news" but couldn't get work (I guess the Beef Cake Addict show reel wasn't too convincing...) So he sent out tapes himself (because his agent SUCKED). Meanwhile, some sober gays told him to get help because he was fucking BLOATED from DRINKING. So he dried out. Then he got hired in Miami.
  • I'm now about to read the chapters regarding his stint at Eyewitness News. I'm sure it will be FABULOUS.

    Oh, Charles: Is there a bridge you won't burn? Stay tuned for more.

    Thanks, Christopher!!!

  • UPDATE: Part 2 is now up HERE, and Part 3 is up HERE.

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    Anonymous said...

    Does every horrible gay semi-celeb have to have "perez" in their name somewhere?

    Unknown said...

    I am reading it also, bitchy and fun.