Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Bercik: Still Cookin'

The October issue of INSTINCT magazine poses the question, "Are Gay Men Over 40 Invisible?" The obvious answer is, "It depends what they look like." Still, I can't hear any debate about the viability of the 40-and-over crowd without thinking of my mom's friend Shirley, who marked the big milestone in the early '80s by parading around in an "OVER 40 AND STILL COOKIN'" T-shirt, which conveniently matched her tote bag, her coffee mug, her notepads, and just about everything else she owned. Even at the time I thought it was ridiculous -- it's not like her appearance changed the day she hit 40 -- but one could hardly blame cover guy Will Bercik for rockin' one of Shirley's T's at 46! No wonder he started his modeling career in his 40s.


Anonymous said...

46!?!?!? He's GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Some guys just seem to come into their own as they age: whether it is the aging process itself or their growing "comfort in their own skin" as Bercik mentions, it is difficult to know. Unfortunately, this transformation to 40-something hunk has not occurred for me, so I will have to see what happens courtesy of Father Time. Maybe, just maybe, I'll end up being the hottest 80 year old around!!

Mike said...

The first comment says it all. As soon as someone in the gay community hears a handsome man is over 40 the question marks and exclamation points come out. When will gay men grow up?

Brian said...

See...this is why I usually go for older guys.

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