Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Design of a Decade

Decadence: 2000 vs. 2010

And speaking of being over 40: In the process of renewing my just-expired passport, I couldn't help but realize the two photos were taken 10 years apart to the month. Although I probably have a picture of myself from every year of my life that I could line up to watch myself age -- I think I've read about some blogs that are even documenting doing that -- there was something particularly, um, intense about seeing 10 years fly by in Kodachrome.


Ken in Atlanta said...

You look more handsome now.

Richard Wall said...

You've got some major teeth, honeygirl. Proud of you.

mikey from Dallas said...

You may have been a cutie 10yrs ago, but now, are so handsome!! Yum.

Howard in S.D. said...

Another good barometer of the inevitable enslaught of age is the class reunion. I just assumed that I was the only one in my graduating class getting older. All the others were frozen in time in my mind at the point of my departure from my home town. It's somewhat reassuring that every ten years, I have verifiable evidence that I am not alone.

You remind me of fine wine...better with age!

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