Thursday, April 01, 2010

Con Job

Dear Con Edison:

Could you please stop harassing me about how much gas I'm (not) using?

Yes, I do use my stove once in a while. (Ever heard of taco night?)

Perhaps if you would stop wasting time and money haranguing me -- and I'm guessing many other New Yorkers -- with these monthly letters, you could do something about that bill of yours that has (literally) tripled in cost in the dozen years I've lived here. I barely use the gas and you're still charging me a 100 bucks a month for utilities on an apartment the size of an average walk-in closet in a house in exurbia. Now I'm reading a rate hike is "imminent." Where does it end with you people?


Blowing a fuse in Chelsea


alberto mario said...

100 bucks for gas use??? That's insane! Here in Colombia I pay about US$7-10/month for gas, and I use only the stove not the oven.

Marc said...

I used to get those letters all the time when I lived in the Village. Doesn't ConEd realize that a NYC oven only has 2 functions? That's right, storing clothes and committing suicide.

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