Monday, February 01, 2010

Status Update

Kenneth Walsh kenneth212

Considering dropping my last name now that I see I'm in the Top 10 when you search "Kenneth" in Google. If it's good enough for Cher ... Now if I could only get my own mother to stop calling me Kevin in the Two-Twelve.

PREEMPTIVE EDITOR'S NOTE: If you think this post is even the slightest bit serious, you should NOT be reading this blog. :-)


greg said...

I vote no.

Dropping the "in the 212" would be like dropping the "in the City" of Sex.

Brent said...

Except that it's "Sex AND THE CITY."

Sam said...

You could be the Mo'nique of bloggers.

Chad said...

It's a shame that you have to put this "editor's note" on this sarcastic comment. I guess I just have the pleasure of knowing you personally and I hear your voice/tone/humor on every entry!

greg said...

Sorry Ken...I attempted to be funny, but obviously it wasn't interpreted that way.

I guess I'm just not as witty as I'd like to think i am.

It's your blog...I'll leave the humor to you.