Thursday, February 18, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/18)

  • Murder Theory: More lurid and unsettling details emerge in the case of Robert Wone, who in 2006 crashed at an old college friend's place in Washington's fashionable Dupont Circle and didn't made it out alive. Prosecutors say Wone was drugged, sexually assaulted and stabbed, yet to date obstruction of justice are the only charges they have been able to file. (Who Murdered Robert Wone?)

  • Virginia Is for (Opposite) Lovers: Gov. Bob McDonnell quietly removed a protection for discriminating against gay and lesbian state workers in Virginia, making it abundantly clear what he's made of, and why the brand-spanking-new gov was chosen to represent the Republican Party after President Obama's State of the Union. Truly a disgusting human being. (TPM)

  • Homo House Hunters: Reading about gay people's real estate travails is surprisingly entertaining, especially when one of them is a hunky Arizona State University graduate. (NYT)

  • Smooth, Indeed: So I was wrong about Sade's new album ("Soldier of Love") selling 400,000 copies its first week. It sold more than 500,000! While CD sales are down 50 percent in the last decade, her previous album, “Lovers Rock,” sold 370,000 copies in its first week in 2000, making her one of the few artists to not only buck this trend, but actually sell significantly more CDs in the "digital" era. (NYT)
  • California Dreamin': Six weeks after New Hampshire legalized gay marriage, the House overwhelmingly defeated two measures Wednesday that would have taken away their right to marry. (Boston)

  • Family Trees: I'm really looking forward to seeing "Who Do You Think You Are?," the new genealogy show Lisa Kudrow is producing and starring in. Other participants include Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields and Emmitt Smith, but I'm even more excited about a possible second season with regular people on it. (Pick me, Lisa!) (NYDN)
  • Goes Both Ways: Will Texas' first gay divorce open the state to gay marriage? (NBC)

  • A Regular Renaissance Woman: In yet another pathetic cry for attention, Serena Williams has enrolled in a 240-hour program to become a certified nail technician. (Attention granted.) (NYDN)

  • Freedom of Speech Impediment: A college student from Oklahoma wants "IM GAY" on his license plate, but the DMV is refusing, saying it's "offensive." In related news, I want apostrophes to be available for vanity plates -- even if I have to pay for them. (MyFoxPhoenix)
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    Brent said...

    I don't think Serena's nail course is meant to attention-grab actually. In preparation for a nail line she's going to unveil, she's actually learning about what she'll be paid to sell. I'd go so far as to say it's rather refreshing that she's not just willy-nilly attaching her name to something she knows nothing about.