Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/03)

  • Admirable Admiral: Adm. Mike Mullen made me proud to be an American yesterday and, once again, John McCain made me embarrassed to be an Arizonan (way to try to pander to your dwindling electorate). If you read just one thing about Tuesday's testimony on (finally) getting rid of the disgraceful "don't ask, don't tell" policy, Maureen Dowd's column HERE is the one. (Should have known some Hollywood pizazz was behind the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's big heart and open mind!) (NYT)

  • Big and Strong: New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, who has made headlines for speaking out in favor of abortion rights and gay rights and in opposition of bigotry against Muslims, weighs in on controversial anti-abortion and gay-dating Super Bowl ads. “It’s just me standing up for equal rights,” Fujita said. “It’s not that courageous to have an opinion if you think it’s the right thing and you believe it wholeheartedly.” (NYT) (It doesn't hurt that he looks really good SHIRTLESS.)
  • Courting Justice: Our dickish Supreme Court may have prevented us from watching the most important civil rights trial of our generation, but lucky for us professional actors -- including the fabulous Tess Harper -- are re-enacting the trial of Proposition 8 in an upcoming elaborate YouTube series. (NYT)

  • Valley Ho: I know it's been a long time since I left Phoenix. But you serious want me to believe that Roosevelt Row -- where Danny Bonaduce and his tranny hooker made headlines -- is now an "arts district"? (NYT)

  • Andy's Pad: Preservationists are already getting nervous about what Anderson Cooper might do to his $4.3 million firehouse. (Curbed)

  • American Gigolo: I don't get it. Did this New York Post reporter take an appointment with America's first legal male prostitute just to make fun and look down on him? Who's the whore here? (NYP)

  • Goodness in the Garden of Evil: I'm not sure why Jon Stewart even bothers, but I do enjoy when he reveals people like Bill O'Reilly for who they really are. (NYDN)

  • Dress Code: Ralph Lauren is doing his part to make sure the American athletes at the Winter Olympics will be the best dressed men and women in Vancouver. (AP)
  • 'It Takes a Village': ABC has a new sitcom in the works about two exes -- one a gay dad -- and their significant others raising their teen son together. (EW)

  • Man's Best Friend(s): You know the world has gone to hell when a man can no longer masturbate in peace in his own home. (Boing Boing)

  • RIP: Award-winning journalist Dave Morrow, whom I worked with at years ago, died Monday after a short battle with cancer. There is a nice tribute to him HERE -- including a separate note from Jim Cramer, who remembers Dave's "We're having some fun" ditty so perfectly. In addition to his numerous journalism awards, the "Mommie Dearest"-quoting, Prada-wearing, overpriced-wine-drinking Dave was named one of Out magazine's 100 Most Successful Gays in America in 2001. So while there's a lot of "he lived life in his terms" kind of comments on the tribute site, for some reason I think it's important for the record to note that this beloved writer, editor and human being was on our team. May he rest in peace. (BusinessJournalism)
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    matthew said...


    For almost thirty years, until just three months ago, there were legal male prostitutes in Rhode Island.

    I wish somebody would check their fucking facts occasionally. (Not you.)