Monday, January 11, 2010

Solid as a Rock

UPDATE: Remember that movie where Bradley Cooper took it up the ass?

Just in case you were wondering, Bradley Cooper -- who "really likes very much" Renee Zellweger -- finds all those gay rumors about himself "fantastic." And thanks for the tip, Bradley: I didn't even realize Victor Garber -- aka Mayor George Moscone in "Milk" -- was his alleged beau.


IndyAdam said...

He & Victor were castmates in "Alias" on ABC. Must be where the rumors started.

forest said...

They are both so fine! Wish the rumors were true!

Anonymous said...

Rumours about Brad Cooper and Victor Garber have been around since they were on Alias together.

Victor Garber is well-known to be gay (in that Anderson Cooper "not official but not hiding it either" way). I'm undecided about Brad.