Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wild About Hairy

The Wall Street Journal reports that male cleavage ("heavage") -- plunging necklines slit open to reveal chest hair, pectoral muscles, maybe more -- is back:

After decades in the fashion equivalent of Siberia, man cleavage got a boost in the early 1990s when Tom Ford, then head designer and creative director for Gucci, climbed to the top of fashion's ranks while often wearing a dress shirt unbuttoned practically to his navel.

This time around, the styles were more blatantly sexual and the models had a more studly swagger. New York designer Michael Bastian said his September show's vibe was inspired in part by "Latin guys" he noticed wearing their shirts unbuttoned, as well as the unabashed machismo of Latin American men in general. "We wanted to go back to a more natural body, a more '70s body with the models, getting away from the super skinny," says Bastian.

I'm all for guys showing off their chest hair -- assuming it's done with a a self-awareness that is greatly lacking from the Speedo community. I give this you this man as a potential candidate for V-neck supremacy ... or whatever else he wants to wear.


Unknown said...

Not sure why this is "news." Men have been wearing those deep V-neck t-shirts for 3-5 years now.

A very feminine look, imho, but maybe that's because so many guys shave their chests. (Nah...those v-necks are girly, even over hairy chests).

Guys: put down the razors and Nair...LET YOUR FUR FLY FREE...Be a MAN.

J. Clarence said...

I read this story as well this morning and was like "effing finally!"

Chest hair is undeniable sign of manhood, and I'm glad to see it back in style. Mind you, it needs to be kept tiddy down there, and patches ain't going to do it. However, its nice to see that it's fashionably cool for men to manly again.

Bibliophiliac said...

Isn't "kept tidy down there" about taming sex? I say, be hairy and naturally animal when it comes to sex.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you meant by the Speedo comment. Can you explain?