Friday, November 06, 2009

Video Vault: Madonna


This Madonna song is said to be a scrapped demo from the "Bedtime Stories" sessions back in '94. Maybe I'm just a a sucker for bubblegum pop -- "True Blue" and "Cherish" are two of my all-time faves -- but this one sounds better than anything I remember from that album. Enjoy! (The story didn't end there, though. Gary Barlow of Take That fame wound up releasing it instead, although I'd say Madonna version is far superior.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth,
Have a listen to the album version, it's mixed very differently from this video version and has always been one of my faves from Gary Barlow. I enjoy looking at the video, but really don't care for the overwhelming percussion in front of the vocals. It just seems more balanced in the album version.
Kevin J

Brent said...

Seriously, your taste in music is really questionable.

btw, Kenneth, your boy Marco Chiudinelli is facing your hubby Federer in the semifinals of Basel tomorrow. Who are you rooting for?