Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chick's Got Balls

To call for a boycott or protest of New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser would probably only result in her getting a plum pay raise from boss Rupert Murdoch. But I can't let yesterday's inventively ignorant (and typically homophobic) column in "support" of the cab driver who made a "life or death" choice to throw two gay men out of his taxi because they were being affectionate go without at least mentioning how sad I feel for Peyser's poor parents, who certainly could not have imagined in their worst nightmares that their daughter would grow up to spew hate against others for a living. It's always disappointing when someone doesn't have the ability to feel empathy for others. But when a member of two historically repressed groups -- a Jew and a woman, although certainly not a lady -- belittles a blatant act of discrimination as a "sordid affair" and encourages her readers to call the city to defend the perpetrator while she quotes the cabbie, who insists his actions were not motivated by any anti-gay bias, as saying, "I'm not going to judge them. God will judge them"? That is the definition of contemptible.

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