Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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  • Stupid Twit: Kudos to the Kansas City Chiefs who fired running back Larry "I didn't know the word "fag" was offensive to anybody" Johnson on Monday, two weeks after Johnson belittled coach Todd Haley in a series of Twitter posts and repeatedly used gay slurs with reporters in the team's locker room. Columnist Bruce Maiman nicely sums it up this way: Do not bring up free speech. This is the free market at work, not free speech. Free speech protects you from the government, not your employer. Say something offensive to customers, potential customers or your boss, and you can lose your job. Johnson can say what he wants but the Chiefs organization also has every right to terminate the employment of anyone they feel represents them poorly. The Constitution does not protect you from your own stupidity. (Examiner) So take that, Peter Vidala!

  • Shakespeare's Sister: Nicole Kidman was man enough for Tom Cruise. Now she's apparently man enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, too. (E!Online)

  • Showdown in Albany: In separate pleas Monday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn urged senators to approve a gay marriage bill. (I don't know about you, but I hope it passes so we can have it taken away from us next year.) (OnTop) Read the latest from Josh Meltzer, communications director at the Empire State Pride Agenda, HERE.

  • Generation Next: Digging deeper into the generational issue gay marriage. (Newsweek)

  • Going Dutch: A look at Dutch views on gay marriage, where same-sex couples have been allowed to marry since 2001. (Motherlode)

  • Family Matters: 115,772 American same-sex couples have children. How's that working out? (TimesMag)

  • Don't Ask, Don't Give: Friend of the (212) AMERICAblog announced a donor boycott of the DNC on Monday, over unfulfilled promises made to LGBT voters. It's being cosponsored by a slew of LGBT-positive sites and reads: President Obama promised to be a "fierce advocate" for LGBT Americans. But while making modest progress on a scant few issues, on the major campaign promises made to our community, the President and the Democratic party have failed to keep their commitments. Read the complete pledge HERE.

  • 15-Minute Man: Meet the guy we have to, um, thank for Levi Johnston's upcoming Playgirl spread. Everyone's telling me I'm supposed to love Levi's "enduring" appeal because it embarrasses Sarah Palin. Yet no matter how hard I think about I come back to the same response: hasn't she already taken care of that admirably herself? (Advocate)

  • Wish List: DVR Alert! Rosanne Cash will discuss her sensational new album, "The List," tonight on the ABC special "In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: Bright Lights. Big Stars. All Access Nashville" at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (USA Today)

  • The Bald Truth: Andre Agassi -- who sat down with Katie Couric on "60 Minutes" to discuss his old hair and his new book -- can be added to the list of people who don’t like New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica. In Agassi’s new book -- which comes out today -- the retired tweaker twice brings up issues he had with the Lupica. Read them HERE.

  • Tabloid Tragedy? Extra! Extra! Read all about the tough times at The New York Post. (Firing Andrea Peyser might save a few bucks, Rupert.) (NYT)

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