Friday, October 09, 2009

'Wish' Fulfillment

It's a rare occasion when my preview of something matches my review to a T, but that's exactly what happened when I saw "Wishful Drinking" last night, Carrie Fisher's dishy one-woman show about growing up in Hollywood. I suspected that if you were a fan you'd love it, and if you weren't you probably wouldn't. I'm a fan -- not only of her but the old-Hollywood glamour and scandals her famous parents personify -- so ate it up, feeling like I'd just spent an evening chatting in the living room with a Hollywood star who has A LOT of good stories. (How fitting that the living room is actually the infamous Studio 54, where Fisher spent some of her wild youth.) I say I'm a fan, although at one point she said something to the effect of "if you've seen 'Star Wars,'" then quickly corrected herself by saying, "of course you've seen it, why else would you be here?" and Michael and I both turned to each other and confessed that we hadn't seen it. (I'm a "Shampoo" queen, and thought she was perfect in "Hannah and Her Sisters.")

My only advice -- and the reason I will leave this review short and sweet -- is to try to avoid reading too much about the show. Most of the sight gags had already been spoiled for me. But even so, that wasn't enough to diminish my enjoyment. Fisher is famous for her crazy past and sharp tongue, and the show is filled with many memorable lines. Sure, some of them are a little too Nora Ephron script doctor-ish. But the ones that really work are instant classics. For ticket information, click HERE.

P.S. My theory may not be entirely correct. It turns out Michael loved the show, but just admitted to me he didn't even know Debbie Reynolds was her mom. (And yes, you can believe we're having a serious discussion about our future right now ...)

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Jimmy said...

Run out an rent 'Star Wars' for Pete's Sake. Her performance alone is worth it.