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Off to a bit of a late start this morning... My apologies for the delay in posting the Official (212) Project Runway recap. My goal today is to keep it brief (which I tell myself I'm going to do every week!)

It was another quiet night at the Park Slope Party pad. Craig came back from Dallas, but we opted for an evening homos-alone, and didn't extend the invitation to any of our usual Runway watchers. Next week we should be back in full-swing with Jason, Tim, Jay, Nick, Adam, Saskia, and Scott.

Tonight's episode begins with everyone lamenting the loss of Louise. While I appreciate the sentiment, it seems odd to hear the designers talk about what a surprising loss it is, and how talented she was, blah-blah-blah... Not that I'm dogging on Louise. They say this about everyone who gets aufted -- well, maybe not Mitchell! But have they forgotten, it's a competition.

Tonight's challenge according to Heidi (who apparently, after 4 years, is taking her hubby Seal's last name: "Samuel." Heidi Klum... Heidi Samuel. I don't see the comparison!) is to convert an old wedding dress into a hip new look. It seems the designers are being paired with divorcees (which is how Tim will refer to them the entire episode -- love Tim Gunn) who want to put the past behind them. Finally, a fun challenge after weeks of zzzzzzz!

The designers choose their models divorcees. The question I ask is, "How do they remember everyone's name?" For the most part, the woman are rather recently single. There are a few who have been out of the married-game for over a decade. I think one woman topped out at 14 or 16 years. (I didn't take detailed notes -- and I wasn't even drinking!)

All the designers (via voice-over/confession) are vying for the gown with the most material, and complaining about how they don't know what they're going to do. Irina (who I offically hate after the way she treated poor Gordana last week) chooses first as she won last week's challenge and right away goes for this ginormous acrylic dress (I know it's acrylic because she said so). Shirin winds up with the least amount of fabric, a dress that, other than being white, really doesn't look like a (quote-unquote) wedding dress to me... But what do I know? I'm not a woman and I'm not allowed to get married -- but we're not going there! (Though now I'm thinking -- remember when the gays on Top Chef: Las Vegas got all upset about having to do a wedding-related challenge? You don't see the Runway gays crying any tears here... Just saying.)
Tim arrives to announce that the winner of tonight's challenge will have immunity -- but this is the last time in the competition, so enjoy it. The divorcess come in for a consulation. Shirin's divorcee uses the words "Cher Half Breed" which doesn't make Shirin too happy. We'll see where this goes.

Tonight's budget is $25. Each designer is allowed to purchase up to 2 yards of additional fabric, and they have 15 minutes to shop at Mood. "On your mark, get set...!"

Shirin does her best to please her divorcee, frantically searching for peacock feathers. Logan says something about pants. His divorcee doesn't want her legs to show, I think. I say, "hasn't he done pants before?" Like last week?

Gordana gets the "family moment" when she makes a call to her kids, and breaks down in tears after she doesn't get through, but leaves a message. I'm thinking, "Oh, no! " As we all know after how many season, this is an indicator of "going home" status... Or maybe she's going to win? Stay tuned for spoilers! At this point, Craig and I both agree that we heart Gordana.

After the commerical, Tim arrives to make the rounds. Highlights of his talk with the designers include:

Tim to Christopher: "You don't want to make her look like a cougar."
Tim to Irina: "Don't get a match near it." (Acetate, remember?)
Tim to Gordana: "Think, 'I'm going to win this!'"

Shirin is in tears. She's not happy with having to turn her divorcee into a Half Breed. Neither is Tim, who encourages her to "make it work." But remember what's been said in seasons past: "You have to please your client." Is Shirin going to be in trouble?

The Day of the Show, Y'all...

Craig says of Christopher: "His eyebrows are a bit much." I write it down. Then he says, "You always make me sound mean... I'm not talking anymore." I write it down.

Tim brings in the divorcees, encourages the designers to use the Macy's wall "thoughtfully." I guess he says this every week, according to Craig. What do I know? I called it "Macy'" for the first how many episodes? (Thank you Peter!)

Shirin's managed to convince her divorcee there will be no Cher-like headress attached to her look. Basically, she's taken the dress and stitched a cute little pattern all over the fabric (see below). The divorcee says she likes... Though she'd like the skirt to be a little shorter!

Christopher's dress looks like a bubble. Craig: "I don't know about that."

Tonight's "scary moment" occurs when Nicolas' (our least fave male designer) divorcee confesses she loves her look so much, she wants to have Nicolas' baby. #1-- Ew! #2--Good luck! #3--He still needs to go!

The judges are introduced:
1) Michael Kors (2 weeks in a row -- what gives?)
2) Zanna "Don't" Roberts (Marie Claire chick)
3) Tamara Mellon (creator of Jimmy Choo, I think -- or is it Choo's?)

Our faves include:
1) Shirin (stiching)
2) Carol Hannah (texture)
3) Gordana (punk rock)

Runway, runway, runway...

Heidi informs Carol Hannah (l), Althea (c), and (WTF?!) Nicolas (r) they are safe.

Leaving us with ... Girls against Boys
Top 3

Shirin (l) Gordana (c) Irina (r)

Bottom 3

Epperson (l) Christopher (c) Logan (r)

Highlights from the judges comments include:
Michael Kors to Christopher: "Metalic Hefty bag" (which is what Craig said two seconds before)
Heidi to Epperson: "Oktoberfest."
Jimm Choo Chick to Logan: "Tragedy."

The praise is divided between Irina and Gordana. After last week, Craig and I are both routing for Gordana to kick Irina's ass... And she does!

Shirin is sent to safety.
Gordan is the winner! (Heidi: "You rocked this.")
Irina -- safe
Christopher -- in (surprise!)

Leaving it down to Logan and Epperson... And Epperson is aut.
The news comes as a bit of a surprise. Epperson's been pretty good so far, and hasn't he even won a previous challenge? If memory serves, Logan's been in the "safe" group for most of the season.

Then I remember the disclaimer about how the producers have a say in the final decisions... And since Logan is the token (and hot) straight boy on the show, does anyone else think this might be the reason he's sticking around for another week?

Project Runway airs Thursday nights at 10PM on Lifetime TV

*FRANK ANTHONY POLITO is a Brooklyn-based writer, and author of the novels Band Fags! and Drama Queers!


meg4fancast said...

Omg I hate Irina too. She's so mean. I hate that she's doing so well. Epperson should not have gone! Sad to see him go. He did an interview with Fancast about his elimination. Check it out- Project Runway Interview on Fancast

jose kwan said...

Logan was at the bottom 2 twice and both times against a black contestant. I hate to make it a racial issue, but i do think being a cute white guy has its edge. All the black and Asian are gone, and i honestly think Ra'mon and Malvin left too early.