Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Shall Be So Lucky

Less than a week till we see Kylie Minogue in concert and the buzz is incredible ("last night was mind-blowing"). My pal Robbie, of ChartRigger fame, has a full report from the Hollywood Bowl show HERE.


TorontoJohn said...

Seeing her Friday in Toronto - I'll be sure to tell you all about it!!!

Matthew said...

The buzz is mind-blowing, except for that legit review that panned it almost entirely.

I'm apparently seeing Madonna's fun-first mimic myself, on the 11th. I guess better the devil you know. :0)

nojarama said...

I'm heartbroken I was unable to attend the Hollywood Bowl show myself. I hear that if the tour goes well, she'll return. Let's hope so!

TorontoJohn said...

Great crowd in Toronto last night saw a really entertaining show. Kylie actually sings every single song and sounds mostly good doing so. She's real, she's authentic and she's cute as a freakin' button. Lots of costume changes, lots of theatrics and lots of banter with her mostly-gay audience. She knows who she is and she is not ashamed to wallow around in it.

I love that she's not ashamed of her early stuff. She gives a great tribute to Madonna, and there's the influence of Robbie Williams, Mika, Scissor Sisters and even Andrew Lloyd Webber. Over all a really great show - VERY entertaining!!

m glenn skene said...

Wrote recently(when you dised Streisand's album cover)to tell you that I love your blog and you, incidentaly. And I'm sure you loved the concert...can't wait to hear your review. I saw her at Earl's Court in London(big venue/big show)just before she cancelled the rest of the tour and I saw her again in Oakland(small venue/big show) and I have to saw I enjoyed her US debut much more. I saw both shows in Oakland and the anticipation, excitement, adulation, and sheer fun were palpable. My only regret was that she did not sing "All I See", which I love. Hot Marco was even there to repeat his performance.

Hope you had fun.