Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Containing My 'Glee'

So I'm all caught up on my DVR'd "Glee" episodes and while I'm definitely into it, I'm still feeling curiously underwhelmed. Am I alone on this?

Two episodes ago ("Preggers"), when the rest of the world felt the show had completely hit its stride, I was thinking: "Another 'Single Ladies' parody? This routine is so played out." (And speaking of played out: now comes word that the second "Sex and the City" sequel will feature Liza Minnelli singing, you guessed it, "Single Ladies.") And this week's guest appearance by Kristin Chenoweth was not only completely implausible, it felt like a Disneyfied version of Jerri Blank. ("Songbirds With Candy"?) Sure, I'm always happy to see Puck shirtless, but come on! (And let's be honest, he's no Drake Rogers.)

I LOVE Matthew Morrison and can never get enough of Jane Lynch (more Sue Sylvester, please!). But sometimes I feel like the show takes chances when it would be better off playing it safe, and plays it safe when it should take chances. The songs, which felt organic and were a highlight of the pilot, are starting to seem forced and stick out (and not in a good way). And unlike "My So-Called Life," it's the kids that are coming up short. Artie, Tina and Mercedes are given nothing to work with and bore me to tears. And Finn and Rachel aren't much better (and are already two-thirds of their way to saying Cheers to Moonlighting!). Other than Mr. Schuester, Kurt (his story and his acting) is the only character who has really touched me.

I'm not ready to drop out of the "Glee" club just yet. But with so few television-watching hours in the day, my progress report is clearly marked NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.


JJS III said...

You have stolen the words right out of my mouth. You've also stolen the thoughts right out of my mind. It's actually mildly terrifying.

While watching the last episode, I turned to my boyfriend and blurted out, "Don't you wish Amy Sedaris could sing? She basically should be playing Kristen Chenoweth's character."

And the "Single Ladies" crap? It was pretty bland, but Kurt's coming out scene made up for that. I think it's important for younger gay kids to see a coming out experience depicted in that fashion.

Freddie said...

I completely disagree. I thought the 'Single Ladies' episode was funny, sweet and entertaining - all at the same time. It handled Kurt's coming out to his dad perfectly. I'm not underwhelmed by the show at all. I've been loving every episode, including the last one, since it brings a breath of fresh air to TV. Just try to enjoy it for what it is, and don't try to make it into something it's not.

David in Houston said...

You're right. The show has been very inconsistent in 'story' and 'tone'. I'm not sure they know exactly what they want the show to be about. I find the two stories about the pregnancies to be silly and boring.

On the plus side, the man they cast as Kurt's father was terrific. The coming out scene was pitch perfect. Although, considering how flamboyant Kurt is, I was kind of dumbfounded when he kept protesting to his schoolmates that he wasn't gay... or that the black girl thought he was straight. It just didn't ring true.

J. Clarence said...

Everyone loves Single Ladies, and I don't think from when they filmed it they would have expected it to be as dragged out as it was.

I don't know if I would say Chenoweth's story was anymore implausible than the rest of the Glee in general. It was cute and it gives the theater kids that watch Glee a little tickle in their pants.

That being said the series could go further. I feel as if the show hasn't hit it's stride yet. But I'm excited for what is still to come.

Richard said...

Have to agree with Freddie....I'm all over it. It's just silly FUN and leaves me with a big smile.

Richard said...

I can tell you with certainty I'll be watching when Cheyenne Jackson guest stars. :-)