Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Where Do I Sign Up?


I actually agree with the factually challenged Maria Bartiromo: why AREN'T all of us 40-somethings on Medicare? (Via Talking Points Memo

 Perhaps the Money Dummy needs to watch this: 


Slim said...

To answer the question "Why aren't we all on Medicare?" the answer is that Medicare is on its way to bankruptcy as we speak, and if we made even more Americans eligible for it, it would go bankrupt approximately the week after next.

It is excellent care. But consider that it's barely solvent now with every last working person paying for the care of only the 65+ population. So how the hell could it be afforded if it was opened to all?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Slim --

The template is fine. You have to go back to the beginning to understand the root of the cost problems and be able to fix it. LBJ had to agree to big handouts to hospitals and doctors in order to get what Truman and Kennedy could not get done thanks to the AMA, which equated Medicare with -- you guessed it -- socialism.

Every last working person isn't really paying for the care of the 65+ population right now. Most of our money is going toward paying HUGE premiums to health insurance companies in order to make HUGE profits for their shareholders, yet still leaving the majority of us vulnerable in times of a major health crisis. A study reported in The American Journal of Medicine this month found that 62 percent of U.S. bankruptcies are linked to medical bills and 78 PERCENT of these people ACTUALLY HAD HEALTH INSURANCE, but the gaps and inadequacies left them unprotected when they were hit by devastating bills. This is completely un-American and disgusting.

Saying "let's all be in Medicare" is a figure of speech for let's overhaul the WHOLE profit-driven system.