Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gods and Monsters

So this weekend has been really busy, and really fun. Besides that job of mine, my friend Jim was in town from Los Angeles and because my boyfriend is on the DL (back), Jim stepped in to be my "date" to my friend Chris' birthday party, which was a pared down version of his normal galas and worked out great. (From the looks of the guys there, Chris knows a thing or two about quality over quantity.) As an added bonus, Chris and his guy, Brian, had recently gotten engaged, so Chris was proudly showing off his new ring (or at least that's what he told me he was doing. Looks more like a cheap ploy to manhandle your blogger if you ask me). I'm really happy for them -- a truly great couple (Chris' inappropriate hands aside).
    With Jim Key (He doesn't remember going on a date with me in 1990. Gee, thanks.)
    Chris, Brian, me and Jim
   Brian, Sebastian and Chris
   And then on Saturday night it was the big reception for my friend Scooter LaForge's New York Monster exhibition, featuring paintings, T-shirts and installations inspired by those scary creatures that lurk in the night. The turnout was great and I met a bunch of really fun people.
   The paintings, the T-shirts and the monsters were divine ...
    Me with the artist Russell Beer and Sloan Mandell, the "hardest-working" man in jewelry
    With Farrah Williams, whom you'll be getting to know better soon
    UPDATE: Here is a fun little interview with Scooter via Farmboz.



Unknown said...

your bf is on the DL? isnt he featured in alot of the pics on ur blog?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

The disabled list! (He hurt his back.)