Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being Mrs. Bobby Brown

Sitting here watching Whitney Houston on Oprah. Not sure who is more horrified, me or O. If THIS is the cleaned up version of our Million Dollar Bill, then our currency really is in trouble. What a mess. Whitney sounds like she's making up her answers as she goes along (read: lying through her fake teeth) and Oprah is all too willing to feed half of them to her. I had hopes for her turning her life around, but this does not bode well for that. Very disturbing.

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RickCA said...

I very much understand what you're saying and find some of it to be true. However, should we not discuss the fact for the very first time she's coming clean in her life about it all and being clean herself! I really think this interview showed the world what International superstardom can do(look at Michael...), and what can happen with not having a normal childhood. I give her credit for her courage in finally admitting to everything and trying to change her life. Hopefully, this will provide strength and courage to those going through the same thing. And on another note-serve as an eye opener to those younger Hollywood stars on a search for fame and fortune.
The sadest part of all - We'll never hear a voice like hers again! Sure others have and will come close, but NOTHING will compare to Whitney in her prime!