Thursday, August 06, 2009

Touched by a Blue Angel

Cyndi Lauper and Rosie O'Donnell teamed up last night on Staten Island for Girls Night Out, a song and comedy show designed to raise awareness and donations for food pantries nationwide. Cyndi performed for more than two hours at the St. George Theatre, performing such hits as "When You Were Mine," "Money Changes Everything," "I Drove All Night," "Change of Heart, "Time After Time," "True Colors" and, of course, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." O'Donnell sang backup in addition to her 40-minute stand-up set. The gals play Atlantic City on Friday and Westbury on Saturday. (I'm guessing this means Cyndi took this summer off from her TRUE COLORS tour, which she's done the past couple years -- along with O'Donnell here and there -- that raised money for Human Rights Campaign.) Although I'm not sure which songs, I hear Cyndi even did some Blue Angel material last night. I'm a HUGE fan of her retro-rockabilly first band (I prefer that eponymous debut to any of her solo stuff, even "She's So Unusual"), and even "produced" my own CD of the 1980 classic many years ago that, in the end, wound up being way better than the actual CD that finally came out as a "limited release" in 2005. (Yes, I bought that one too -- and would you believe they only pressed 5,000 of them and they're STILL available HERE?) As you can see below, my pal Greg Jelinek's artwork is flawless (note all of the single sleeves on the back of the insert). And my inclusion of four bonus tracks ("Magazine Cover," "Don't Know," Witness," and "What a Thrill," the latter two of which Lauper later recorded solo) -- plus a bunch of unlisted samples of songs from the scrapped sophomore release -- again remind us why the actual music business is going down the crapper. (If you want something done right, do it yourself.) 
God bless YouTube, however, for allowing me to see these truly priceless videos: 

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    Briguy said...

    Any way to get a copy of your CD? :-)

    I can't believe the Hip-O selects is still available. I even bought 3 of them for various people!