Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hijacking of America

It's late and I'm so angry I don't have the energy to put a lot of thought into this post. But if it's true that President Obama is ready to abandon the "public option" from his plan to overhaul health care, then I have to say I have never been more disappointed in the American public in my life. (Yes, even more than gay rights issues. At least I can sort of understand people's ignorance on that one.) Sure, the Cult of Glenn Beck is vile and despicable. But where are the millions of people who rallied behind Obama FOR THIS REFORM now? Why aren't our voices being heard? Working in an industry where job security if tenuous at best, and having already spent the five previous years as a freelancer -- and a well-paid one, at that -- with no viable means for meaningful health insurance, this part of Obama's plan was THE MAIN THING I was counting on. Why are we letting the lunatics take over the asylum?????? I'm writing to my senators, but I honestly don't know what else to do or say.


Anonymous said...

I am a new reader of your blog. As Gay Daemon said, I find each post to be short, to-the point, and generally interesting.

For what it's worth.

I have two things to say about your frustrations vis-a-vis national health-care policies.

1. Many folks (including myself) believe that Republicans began their slide into oblivion not because of the economy (though that wiped out a good chunk in '08), but because they governed from the right. They passed very intrusive government policies, which affect our daily lives, and they were talking about God even more than most Americans would like.

Many liberal Democrats believe their victory entitles them to rule from the left. Many "Blue-Dog" Democrats realize that this would be dangerous to them just as it was to the crazy Republicans. Also, don't think it was the left that elected our president. No, it was centrist white folks in places like Ohio and Indiana. It is the center that ought to, and will continue to govern.

2. While this is a blog, and you have no reason to write differently than you do, issues of such great importance as health-care reform cannot be fixed so simply. The main problem with US health-care is the employer-based system. The administration's proposal aims to strengthen that institution, when in fact that's the main cause of all the problems. I am personally opposed to single-payer, but I would rather we argue for real reform of the real problem, rather than just enlarging the status quo.

Anyway.... I hope I've been a somewhat reasonable commenter, and I look forward to continued entries!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what we should be doing is writing all three of our representatives in Congress. Tell them that it is not Health Care reform without the Public Option.

Matthew said...

I think there is a big diff between the Democrats (the good ones) trying to push a public OPTION in healthcare and the Republicans (they're all bad, every single one of them) trying to literally take over the entire country and jam deeply divisive legislation through the pike and create a permanent supermajority, etc., etc.

I feel kgb1172 (who IS a somewhat reasonable commenter...would that all people I disagree with were so genteel) is mistaken to say that the Blue Dogs are some kind of guardian angels making sure the libs don't run hog wild. On the contrary, they're just insurance-industry money-suckers. They're all about being fiscally conservative, which means stealing for themselves.

I feel for Obama. It's going to be hard to get what he wants when people are so idiotic they don't realize he is trying to help them, and in ways that will pay for themselves.

Anonymous said...

ummm.... to be short and concise: move to Canada