Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Former 'It' Girl on the Milk Carton

Saw this photo on the wire of Bridget Fonda (with composer and ex-Oingo Boingo leader Danny Elfman, who apparently is her husband) at the after party for "Inglourious Basterds" at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood and couldn't help but think, Where the hell did she go? I assumed she was either doing lower profile films or playing "the girlfriend" or "the wife" in things I would never bother seeing -- as she did in "A Simple Plan" back in '98, a film I did happen to see. But a quick search of IMDB reveals that she hasn't been in a film since 2001, and only did a couple of TV projects in 2002. Based on my calculations that means she's officially just another Hollywood "it" girl -- albeit royalty -- to be discarded as she reached her late 30s. ("Shag," "Singles" and "Single White Female" are still three of my fave '90s flicks, not to mention "Grace of My Heart.") Note to Rosanna Arquette: we're ready for a follow-up to "Searching for Debra Winger."


You Oughtta Know said...

Hey Kenneth, I am a big fan of Ms It Girl, too. You should check out ROUGH MAGIC.

Stephen said...

I worked with Ms Fonda in SINGLES & she was just a peach on the set.
She does need a high profile project!

Anonymous said...

Bridget Fonda was in a serious car crash and broke her back, before she retired. She recovered fully, but seems to have found other priorities in life than acting, since that.

She also has a 4-year-old and wants to be a mom who doesn't spend a few months at a time away on a set.


Sam said...

Shag is one of my favorite movies and Bridget Fonda was pretty darn terrific in it. I'm glad you mentioned it.