Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anti-Foot Fetish

I'm happy to see Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post agrees with me:

Grossed Out in Washington, D.C.: A plea to coffeehouse frequenters:

Please keep your shoes on and your feet off the furniture! I'm not sure why it's become popular at places like Tryst and Starbucks for people to put their feet on the couches and coffee tables, with or without shoes, but it's gross. To paraphrase "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn, if you want to behave as if you're at home, stay home!

Tom Sietsema: Amen, brother (or sister)! I am SO tired of seeing feeton chairs and banquettes and walls (yes, walls) of restaurants.

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eart said...

Momma always said "There's nothing worse than having no money than having no manners".