Monday, July 13, 2009


Hunks Matt Cavenaugh, who is currently starring in "West Side Story" but first gained notice as the shirtless "Urban Cowboy," and Andy Karl, of "9 to 5," basked in the glow of puppy love over the weekend at Broadway Barks, a star-studded program here in New York that promotes the adoption of shelter animals. Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters are the driving forces behind the the 11th annual event. (Learn more HERE.)

Everyone knows I worshiped Mary Tyler Moore as a child. But Bernadette Peters was another one of my '70s sitcom faves. Her role as a sexy young liberal photog in Washington opposite Richard Crenna's middle-aged conservative political writer on "All's Fair" was my favorite new show in '76 (Norman Lear, of course), and one I had to BEG my parents to stay up to watch.


Sam said...

I had totally forgotten about All's Fair. I had such a crush on Richard Crenna. He seemed so handsome and sophisticated. Didn't he turn out to be gay in real life? Maybe that was just youthful wishful thinking.

Mr. Ed said...

I remember All's Fair too! I was only 9 at the time. I can't believe anyone else remembers this show!!

Lissie said...
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