Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PC Junkyard

I have a favor to ask. My friend's hand-me-down laptop has a grand total of 256 mb of RAM and can barely run. The slot can only hold a maximum of two 512 mb sticks (or one 512 mb to go with the existing 256 mb stick). Unfortunately, none of the computer stores even sell RAM that small (Best Buy's smallest stick is 1 gig). Would anyone happen to have an old laptop that might have some outdated RAM in it they might be willing to sell me or donate to a good friend of mine? I understand there are various types of RAM, but the Best Buy guy tells us it should be PC2100 or PC2700, whatever that means (maybe something having to do with the number of prongs?).

If you can help, please contact me HERE. Thanks!!!

UPDATE: You guys are too much. Thanks for all of the e-mails and the help. Got everything I needed. You're the best!