Thursday, July 30, 2009


When those photos of Channing Tatum in GQ came out last week I decided right then and there I would have to bend my No Action Movies rule and see him step into the combat boots of my favorite childhood soldier, GI Joe. But now that even people who like that kind of thing are saying how much "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" sucks, I'm starting to think I'll just stick with the pretty pictures of the former model turned actor, like these at press conference in Seoul.


Hawk said...

After reading the article, I say still go see it. I'm sorry, but all the rantings on this movie are far better than the first Transformers and IMHO that SUCKED VERY VERY BAD... even the second one was Horrible. I hate all these redo's that REWRITE the characters and situations from the original. I mean how many remakes have survived Kinght Rider? Bionic Woman? Star Trek? Trnasfermers? V? (oh wait, not showed yet but WAY too many things wrong with just the trailer) I can keep going... Really how many really are standing? It just tells me that people who grew up on the shows/etc don't have enough smarts to write for the characters that have been around for many years.

As for the little dig on "will preview it widely only next week, just days before its debut — never a good sign." This is the trend in Hollywood now. Just seeing 2 movies over the weekend, I saw 3 trailers for movies I have never heard of coming soon, 1 in a few weeks. Unless you are a Harry Potter or similar the movie is not being shown to critics until like a week or so before full release.

IMHO - G.I. Joe at least tried to move the movie to an area not done before, or has been majorly established. Marvel films had Stan right there to help with things.

As for the other movies, how would you have like to see Spiderman get his powers through eating a bad sandwich?? or kissing a frog or something? I mean that is the kind of thing with Transformers, Star Trek, etc they are doing to our beloved characters, and people are "loving" it.

Yes, Star Trek, Transformers, etc were good as movies, not great, but good... but as franchises... NOPE. They just took canon melted it down and used the scrap metal for a foot rest.

And I agree, Channing is a cute one.

Unknown said...

If it was a good movie then it would have been released at the beginning of summer and NOT at the end!