Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GI Whoa!!!!

I didn't even know that a Transformer was a toy until yesterday (waaaay after my time, I guess). But one action figure that was a HUGE part of my life was GI Joe (and Big Jim and Big Jeff). My brothers and I had everything there was to have (the helicopter was the coolest thing ever), even if I really spent more time getting my Barbies to hook up with 'em than acting out combat scenes. (You know I have a weak spot for facial hair.) Now with (212) fave Channing Tatum starring as everybody's favorite general infantryman, you can bet I'm ready to revisit my childhood ... you know, for old time's sake. More of the shirtless ex-model's GQ photo spread HERE. (Hat tip: Towleroad)


ALEC said...

Wow, Kenneth, I have to say, I'm impressed with how Channing Tatum's acting skills have improved over the years. But I do think he should spend a little more time working on his physique, too! LOL

jeff said...

Thank you for mentioning Big Jim.