Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning Wood: Brian Buzzini

If Michael Ontkean, Sam Elliott and Christopher Atkins were the early stars of my childhood sexual fantasies, then model Brian Buzzini was one of the biggest fantasymen of my post-coming-out early 20s. Classically handsome and All-American while still maintaining an slight edge, it's because of Buzzini and his countless International Male appearances that I'm able to be sexually aroused today by even the worst-dressed men in the world. See Brian in his best outfit yet -- i.e. birthday suit -- on the jump page here.


Rnormfoto said...

the photographer I worked for in LA in 1985-1987 LOVED him and worked with him a lot - so in turn I got to do the same. He was always a nice enough guy and had no problem getting naked ( which I did get to experience a few times first hand!) I remember asking him once - "So you must work out constantly, right?" and he responded in a kind of dopey manner, "Uhhh no, I just tone and stretch a lot."


wonder what he's up to these days?

jwc227 said...

I remember Brian on an episode of Judge Judy years ago, post-International Male fame...I forget the circumstances around it (was he suing someone or was someone suing him? I forget...). But I know he lost the case and Judge Judy reamed him. I sorta wished I taped that!

JaY said...

I remember this guy from my early 20's too...I actually bought that one piece tank top thing just so I could see how it felt to wear the same thing as, the fun I used to have with myself...LOL...and BOY, the fun that i COULD have had if i had seen those hot nude pics back then...where is he now??

Scotty said...

He was on an episode of House Hunters International a while ago. Was searching for a condo/apartment for his son who was going to art school in Paris. Ya know what....STILL hot as hell!!!! Salt & Pepper hair, tight jeans, lovely butt. MERCY!

Anonymous said...

Brian is still around in Southern California. I talk to him , maybe weekly.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't on house hunters because he doesn't have a son, three daughters.

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