Friday, May 29, 2009

Ego Tripp

My first reaction to seeing these photos of Levi Johnston changing baby Tripp on was, Oh -- no wonder Bristol Palin didn't want him to have unaccompanied visits with their son. But then I remembered the teenage media whore (or should I say media whore and whore whore) had already posed with the kid on the cover of People magazine (on a break from teaching kids how to abstain from sex) and that Levi was the "classy" of the two. It's surprising how entertaining stupid people can be sometimes.


Michael said...

I love how he has his last name tattooed on his left arm - like, in case he forgets, it's there as a reminder. Helpful!

mike/ said...

i saw the photo of him changing the diaper before but not the other one. pure pandering imho.

as far as stupid, they are actually idiots. a group of wise 9-10 year olds i taught one year came up with the perfect definition - someone who is too stupid to know that they are ignorant.

as one of the 9-year old boys explained - they don't even know that they are ignorant, and he understood that ignorant meant not knowing any better.

so sad for this baby...